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Gift for your special someone at her favorite store! We have THOUSANDS of gift options for your Mom, a special Mom in your life, or even for you to put on your children’s wish lists! Our footprint has grown as a result of the recenttimeyi developmentii, with additional plants she’ll adore, a large pavilion full of gift ideas for her home + garden, pottery inn all sizes and colors tim, furniture, and much more. Gift cards are a convenient and quick gift that allows Mom tothe mas purchase for her favorite tim items at any time of year. If you’d want to get Mom a special plant, we’ve compiled a listtii of blooming beauties that we think she’d like right now! Choose from lovely blossoms, or plants in Mom’s favorite tiri color family. There are gift options arounde every corner; come stroll and browse!

Because we have so many plants and pots, treat Mom to a bespoke container garden! We can assist you in selectin time spen the appropriate plants for full sun or partial shade. Mix and match colors and textures, or stick to one color—the chosoe tiiri ices are endless! Pentas, vinca, salvias, angelonias, zinnas, and

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